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Double glazing unit

  • Combination: 5+9A+5, 6+12A+6,8+12A+8,10+16A+10,etc
  • Aluminium spacer: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm; Silver or Black
  • Sealant type: Polysulfide sealant or Structural sealant
  • Max Size: 2440 x 6000mm
  • Min Size: 300 x 300mm
  • Standard: GB/11944-2002
  • Edge: rough grind
  • Packaging: Plywood case
  • Lead time: 25-45days
Insulating glass unit (IGU), more commonly known as double glazing unit (or double-pane unit, and increasingly triple glazing pane), consists of two or three glass panes separated by a vacuum or gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope.

Insulating glass units (IGUs) are manufactured with glass in range of thickness from 4 to 12mm or more in special applications. Laminated or tempered glass may also be used as part of the construction. Most units are produced with the same thickness of glass used on both panes but special applications such as acoustic attenuation or security may require wide ranges of thicknesses to be incorporated in the same unit.

-Energy saving.
-Sound insulation.
-Anti Frosting.

Specification size:
Max 6000mmx2400mm
Min 300mmx300mm
Thickness: 0mm-40mm
Aluminum frame width: 6A, 9A, 12A,16A, 20A

Quality standards: GB/11944 - 2002

Applicable to glass curtain wall,skylight, windows, etc.

Packaging: plywood case.

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